Even in the “bet-the-company” litigation, economics plays a roll. We have successfully handled several such cases and understand the crucial importance of doing our job in the most cost-effective manner possible, despite the stakes being impossibly high. Our belief is that we are charged with the responsibility of performing our services at the least possible cost to the client every day all the time regardless of whether the dispute is over $10,000 or $100 million. This starts by having excellent people; everyone at Meyer Orlando takes serious pride in their work.

We use state of the art technology to allow everyone in the office to be efficient in whatever task they are performing. Few firms our size are willing to commit the resources we have devoted to technology but we see it as the best way to handle litigation of all types and sizes. Our computer network is secure and is mirrored offsite and constantly updated.


We use ProLaw Front Office for our case management, docketing, conflicts, contacts and related functions. It is one of the most powerful and well regarded pieces of legal software in the industry. It allows access to critical information with the touch of a few keys on the computer.


We couple it with ProLaw Back Office for our time and billing functions and have found that the integration is flawless. We are able to meet all clients’ needs for electronic or task based billing in an effortless manner.


We employ cloud-based software for large and complex cases. Through experience, we have determined this is the most cost-effective strategy. We discuss this thoroughly with our clients before employing that software. Security and costs are vital and our clients have been happy to be involved in the process. We have worked with certain client-specific cloud based software and with vendors with whom we have become familiar. For cases with smaller needs, we employ efficient in-house document management software.


To further enhance our efficiency, we are able to access the office network from our homes or on the road.

We will always invest in technology to assist in handling our clients’ needs in the most economical way possible.