We trace our roots back more than 50 years to the law firm of Hinds & Meyer, formed in 1960 by Dan Hinds and Jack Meyer (both now deceased). Back then, the firm practiced primarily maritime law. At the start of the 1980’s, the firm began diversifying into an energy practice. After Dan Hinds retired in the late 1980’s, the firm of Meyer Orlando & Evans, PC was formed, then in 2000 Meyer Orlando LLC was established. Over the years, what started as a maritime practice has evolved and diversified to include energy as a primary practice area, along with a number of complimentary practice areas.

The maritime practice lent itself to an easy transition into an offshore energy practice, as well as handling contracts and casualties and anything in between that occurred on or concerned mobile offshore drilling rigs, fixed platforms and pipelines. That led to diversification into onshore oil and gas expertise connected to the myriad of relationships existing within the energy sector. This allowed our lawyers to develop into the areas of transportation, products liability, and general commercial litigation, among other areas, and to handle all manner of insurance defense and coverage issues that relate back in many instances to the marine, energy and transportation fields.

Throughout our practice, clients have sought our advice on risk allocation, indemnity and insurance issues in their contracts. We litigate as well as draft, negotiate and advise on those matters regularly. Our goal is to help our clients to avoid having disputes in the first place. We are counsel to a number of oil companies on their Master Service Agreement programs. We have done the same with charters for vessel owners. We are also national counsel for a foreign and a domestic company for all of their products liability and their commercial litigation.

We are primarily litigation oriented. We are purposely small but focused. We use strategic thinking to help our clients avoid disputes and to achieve favorable outcomes when disputes have to be resolved by courts or other tribunals. We are Leading Legal Strategists®.