The firm has achieved results that have been nothing less than phenomenal in cases of every size from getting small matters (less than $25,000) pending in unfavorable jurisdictions settled for much less than the cost of defense and in a quick, no hassle manner, to obtaining complete dismissal of matters involving tens of millions of dollars without the client paying anything to the other side.

In many instances, the firms we are pitted against dwarf us in size – but certainly not in talent or in litigation instinct. Many opponents have underestimated our abilities in the litigation arena by equating our relatively small size to a mistaken belief that we could be bulldozed by heavy handed tactics and buried under a mound of discovery. We have employed smart strategy and tactics, big-firm type technology, and a sheer will to win in order to overcome the masses of lawyers and paralegals that are typically assigned on huge pieces of litigation.


Complete summary judgment in favor of an oilfield service contractor in a multi-party offshore property damage case involving alleged damages of over $2 million.

Trial victory on insurance coverage additional insured matter.

Settlement of a small trucking case in which liability was virtually a given was settled for less than 50% of the actual damages immediately after the suit was answered.

Release of foreign insurers in an alleged bad faith case involving less than $20,000 pending in a South Texas venue was settled for less than 50% of the actual loss without incurring hardly any expense to the clients.

Complete dismissal of a professional errors and omissions case involved in alleged damages of over $2 million.

Dismissal of an oilfield service contractor through full indemnity and defense in which our client contributed nothing to the several million settlement of a horrific offshore personal injury.

Summary judgment in favor of our oil company client on a claim for re-imbursement of over a million dollars.

Settlement of an alleged insurance bad faith case in which initial actual damages for the underlying claim exceeded $100 million for less than cost of defense.

Summary judgment in favor of a financial lender on usury claims alleged to be in excess $45 million, plus judgment in our clients favor on the debts.

Arbitration victory on complex marine transportation damage to offshore platform.