We have a strong belief that if we show the client everything we do and openly and frequently discuss strategy and tactics, all the while communicating to the client both the big and the small things that occur over the course of a piece of litigation or a dispute, then the client is happier and everyone can be on the exact same page – all of the time.

In today’s world of transparency within public companies, we can see a lot of parallels for the handling of disputes that we apply to assist our clients. Without the client needing to ask, we supply a wealth of information. We work with the client up front to determine the client’s information needs and we meet them. From our standpoint, showing the client how and what we do when we do it is just part of being a great lawyer. Not only does the client deserve to see this, it actually helps us to achieve the desired results. It is much easier for the client to make decisions concerning discovery issues, settlement or trial when counsel has handled the matter in a completely transparent manner.

We are committed to doing that.