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Mike A. Orlando Jr.
(D) 713 460 9804
(C) 806 7154

Mike began work at the firm in August 2009, and was licensed to practice law in November of that year. Mr. Orlando Jr has handled cases throughout the maritime, oil and gas, energy, insurance defense, and insurance coverage spectrum, in both Texas state and federal courts. He sits second chair on some of the firm’s larger cases. Before finishing his law degree, Mike interned at a prominent insurer in the London market. He gained invaluable perspective into and international insurer’s needs and expectations of defense and coverage counsel, experience that would otherwise have taken many years to learn as outside counsel.

Mike was seconded into BP’s legal team in March 2011 for temporary assignment, working exclusively in BP’s Shipping group. While there, Mike handled all forms of contractual indemnity issues, charter agreements, terminal contracts, Jones Act disputes, and many other maritime matters. He also gained valuable experience working directly with traders on the trading floor. Mike returned to the firm in July 2011.

Mike has had articles published in Texas Lawyer (see Defense and Coverage Conflict on this website’s blog) and the American Bar Association’s Treatise on Attorney-Client Privilege. Mike has also co-authored several papers with his father on various maritime legal issues. Their works include: One Beacon v. Crowley Marine: Towing Maritime Contracts into the Internet Age, published January 2012 on; Clearing the Muddy Waters of Offshore Contractual Indemnity Disputes: Implications of Grand Isle v. Seacor, published March 2010 on; and, Supreme Court Declares Punitive Damages Available for Maintenance and Cure Claim, published September 2009 on

Mike received his JD from what is now known as Texas A&M University School of Law in 2009 and his B.A. from the University of Texas-Austin in 2006.