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April 14, 2015

Cover Your Assets: Does Your Insurance Program Add Up?

Often times, businesses discover unwanted surprises in their insurance programs after an incident has occurred and a claim needs to be filed. By that time, there is very little that can be done. The time is now to find out if your insurance program is what you envisioned—not after an accident has happened. Consider seeking a professional legal review of your insurance program to reduce the possibility of these unwanted surprises or potential gaps in coverage.

A legal review is especially helpful in the energy and marine industries. Energy and marine insurance coverages are highly specialized to their industries and can be a challenge to understand.

At Meyer Orlando, we are uniquely capable of offering guidance to businesses about their insurance programs due to the firm’s broad base of knowledge and experience in handling countless insurance disputes from 360 degrees of perspective (policyholders, insurers, and intermediaries). Our experience also includes drafting and analyzing various insurance policies and provisions for insurers, drafting and negotiating commercial agreements (including master service and many other types of agreements applicable in the energy industry, and charters, terminal, stevedoring, shipyard and many other agreements particular to the marine industry), and drafting, reviewing, and providing written opinions on indemnity, risk allocation, additional insured, and insurance provisions in various types of commercial agreements.

For companies that do not have risk managers and/or internal counsel who work closely with the insurance program, we are able to offer valuable guidance to assist insurance agents and brokers in putting together an insurance program based specifically on the details of your business.

We also offer opinions on coverages provided within a program and are happy to partner with you before, during, or after an accident. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like additional information.