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Over the course of many decades, the named Principals of the firm John K. Meyer (now deceased) and Michael A. Orlando have handled many cases that were tried to a jury or to the judge and have also handled the appeals of such cases. The following cases give a fair representation of the firm’s experience in the trial and appellate courts throughout the vast State of Texas, and along the Gulf Coast, including the federal courts. Our experience happens to include an appeal and oral argument by Mr. Orlando to the nation’s highest court, the United States Supreme Court, in 1995 in Wilton v. Seven Falls, an energy insurance coverage case involving at the time over $108 million in alleged actual damages. One might argue that there is no higher test of an attorney’s ability to make an oral presentation than an oral argument to the U.S. Supreme Court. We have tried and true courtroom knowledge and skill, fire-hardened and tested by hands-on lead-attorney experience in many disparate courtrooms before juries and judges that span the spectrum of what might be encountered today.

Meyer Orlando has demonstrated trial ability dating from when Mr. Meyer started trying cases approximately 50 years ago, and passed down to his ‘apprentice’ Mr. Orlando beginning over 30 years ago when Mr. Orlando first started working under Mr. Meyer as his law clerk in 1980, then as his associate and later his partner. The partial list of cases below does not include matters we have argued to numerous agencies and tribunals ranging from the State Board of Insurance to Administrative Law Judges.