Meyer Orlando was at forefront in assisting creditors of all types when the last major downturn in the energy market occurred in the mid 1980’s. We can successfully navigate creditors through all manner of bankruptcy and creditor’s rights issues whether in bankruptcy court or otherwise. Chances are that you are already hurting from having someone not pay what they owe to you and now you are being required to hire and pay huge hourly rates to big firm lawyers to try to make a recovery. We can help and we can do so practically, efficiently and, perhaps, most importantly, at reasonable costs. Let us help with any of your creditor’s rights, lien claims or other bankruptcy related issues. We do not practice on the debtor’s side of the aisle. Our maritime, energy, and insurance practice areas provide a broad breadth of knowledge and experience on issues that necessarily come out of those areas when dealing with bankruptcy, creditor’s rights and lien issues. Let us help you get through these tough times.