Maritime + Transportation

The attorneys at MEYER ORLANDO, LLC have decades of experience representing a myriad of maritime or marine-related entities, including ship owners, transportation companies, charterers, cargo interests, offshore service companies, diving companies, robotics companies, marine terminals, stevedores, inland marine interests, and their insurance carriers. We handle commercial, personal injury, pollution, collisions, maritime liens, salvage, general average, cargo, indemnity and property litigation of every type and size, just to list some of our experience. In fact, we handle virtually all types of marine and transportation litigation and arbitration disputes. We count as marine and transportation clients those as large as oil majors and national cargo carriers to family owned tug and barge companies. We represent domestic and foreign clients alike. The matter could just as easily relate to a heavy lift vessel transport around the Cape of Good Hope to a trucking claim for damage to a generator making contact with a road overpass in another U.S. state. From CARMACK all the way back around the alphabet to COGSA, we have the experience to deal with your issues. If it involves the water or some form of commercial transportation, we most likely have experience to handle it.